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Benjamin Muzzin

To cel­e­brate Hong Kong, Hermès has chosen to make two unique bags based on the Passe-Guide, cre­ated in 1975 by Henri d’Origny. Like a musi­cal score, the city is made up of lines, sounds, rhythms and nuances. The two bags cel­e­brate the magic of night in the bay. At dusk, the whole city twin­kles and glit­ters. The illu­mi­na­tions are reflected in the water and win­dows and on the facades. The party is in full swing under a shower of stars. Then, after all the inten­sity comes rest. The lights go out, the night reclaims its realm. This is the time of mys­tery, an ode to deep sleep. It is here, in this extra­or­di­nary urban envi­ron­ment, between the bustle and excite­ment of the modern world and the ancient pitch­ing and toss­ing of the junks, that Hermès found its inspi­ra­tion for this homage to its host city.

Art direc­tion: SIGMASIX
Motion design: Benjamin Muzzin, Célestin Casetta
Robotics: Viet Vihn Doan
Music: Mimetic

Presented at:

PMQ Central, Hong Kong (HK) in September 2014

Hermès – Star Bags - © Benjamin Muzzin
Hermès – Star Bags - © Benjamin Muzzin
Hermès – Star Bags - © Benjamin Muzzin