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Benjamin Muzzin

3D ani­ma­tion of the MUDAC’s new visual iden­tity.
Each letter is ani­mated in one or sev­eral mate­ri­als inspired by the museum’s col­lec­tion of con­tem­po­rary design.
More infor­ma­tion on www​.mudac​.ch

Bold, free and man­i­fold: a new iden­tity for mudac at Plateforme 10

Like the archi­tec­ture of its vast and inspir­ing new build­ing at Plateforme 10, mudac’s iden­tity has been enhanced and enriched. The infi­nite number of pos­si­ble vari­a­tions of the logo mate­ri­alise the museum’s col­lec­tions and the lim­it­less study of the fields of design.

To high­light the rich­ness of this uni­verse, mudac is simul­ta­ne­ously inau­gu­rat­ing a new web­site, which you can now dis­cover on mudac​.ch

Identity & art direc­tion: Office For Typography/​Chi-​Long Trieu
Motion design: Benjamin Muzzin
Sound design: Jérôme Nussbaum

Mudac - © Benjamin Muzzin